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Afyaplus visit Lundamatwe secondary school

The initiative by Afyaplus Organization to teach students at Lundamatwe secondary school how to produce their own reusable menstrual pads using the safe pads laboratories is making a significant impact on the lives of school girls in Iringa, Tanzania. The initiative aims to eliminate any obstacles that school girls face during their menstrual cycle by providing them with the skills and resources needed to create their own menstrual pads. Through this initiative, the girls have gained confidence and a sense of security that they did not have before, and they are now able to hold and have a safe menstrual period. The visit by Afyaplus staff to witness the reusable sanitary pads produced by students and how the projects benefited them was an opportunity for the girls to showcase their skills and the benefits they have gained from this initiative. With this project currently underway in 50 schools in Iringa, it is expected to benefit 30,600 schoolgirls. This project can serve as a model for other organizations seeking to address the issue of menstrual hygiene in developing countries.

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