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Afyaplus Team Engages with Mangalali Village Leaders in Water Station installation Project.

Recently, the Afyaplus team, led by our Executive Director, conducted a  community assessment meeting for the Water Station Project in Mangalali Village. Engaging with the Village Executive Officer, Village Chairperson, Ward Community Development Officer, and Water Committee members, we discussed the latest updates on project approval. 🌍🚰 We ensured that all key stakeholders were present, including the Ward Community Development Officer, Village Water Committee. and whole village leadership.

Our discussions aimed to raise awareness about the project’s cost and ownership structure. The budget requires Mangalali community members to contribute 5% of the overall project cost, with the remaining 95% funded by Afyaplus. This approach fosters community ownership and ensures project sustainability. Village leaders were enthusiastic about the project’s approval, as it addresses the critical need for water in the village. They committed to collecting their 5% contribution within a month and starting direct engagement with the community to support the project.

Following the discussions, we conducted a field survey of potential water sources that will support the implementation of the Water Station Installation project, in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders. We visited two potential water sources: an underground spring from the northern mountains surrounding the village and the Ruaha River, a major river in Iringa that runs through the village. This project, proudly supported by Engineers Without Borders, aims to establish water stations in schools, health centers, and residential areas, significantly improving access to clean water for Mangalali and neighboring villages. 💧

We are confident that through our collaborative efforts, we will bring this project to life, enhancing the well-being of countless individuals. We are deeply grateful to Engineers Without Borders for supporting Afyaplus’ mission to serve the community. We are excited to take this significant step towards improving water access for the Mangalali community! 💧🌟

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