Afyaplus Organization



Suzan L. Yumbe

Founder and Executive Director

Suzan grew up in rural areas of Mwanza Tanzania where there is not enough clean water. Like most women and girls in her community, she used to walk a long distance in search of water, which affected her school attendance. She witnessed some of her friends and family members who fell sick from using contaminated water, some dropped out of schools and others raped while struggling to find water for their families. 10 years later, after joining a university in a different region (Dar es Salaam and then Iringa), Suzan realized that the same problem still prevails and as a leader, she had to intervene to find a solution. Therefore in 2017, Suzan initiated the Afyaplus Organization mission on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) which aimed at preventing diseases caused by poor sanitation and hygiene in the community, while supporting children, adolescent girls, and young women.

She is passionate about this work because when adolescent girls and students in primary and secondary schools lack access to clean water, good sanitation, and hygiene; they end up dropping out of school and finally become a burden to their families hence increasing the number of poor as well as becoming voiceless in the community. Suzan resonates with Agenda No. 6 of the Sustainable Development Goal under Agenda 2030 which aims to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.