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Afyaplus Organization visits Upendo group

Afyaplus Organization with a representation of Program Coordinator Miss. Namkunda Mbwambo, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Mr. Nickson Shoo, and Information and Communication Officer Mr. Agreyson Nyenza conducted a share-out distribution session for the Upendo Group of Tanangozi Village. This annual event marks the culmination of their financial cycle, where all loans are repaid, and the accumulated funds are distributed among members based on their individual savings.

The session itself was a moment of celebration and achievement for the members of the Upendo Group. It showcased their commitment to financial discipline, savings, and entrepreneurship. With the successful completion of the financial cycle, the Upendo Group members were able to repay their loans, reap the benefits of interest income and fines, and receive their share of the accumulated funds. This distribution of funds will undoubtedly support the members’ personal and business endeavors, further fueling their economic empowerment.

The IMPROVE 100 Project implemented by Afyaplus Organization has been a catalyst for positive change in the Iringa region. By focusing on empowering adolescent girls and women, the project not only addresses gender inequalities but also contributes to community development and poverty alleviation.

As the Upendo Group embarks on a new financial cycle next week, the Afyaplus team remains committed to providing continuous support and guidance. With their collective efforts, these empowering groups will continue to flourish, enabling more individuals to break free from financial constraints and realize their full potential.

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