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New hand washing station handing over in Mazombe secondary school in Kilolo Dc

We’re thrilled to announce the successful handover of our second handwashing station this year at Mazombe Secondary School in Kilolo District Council! This station is officially up and running, ready to serve the school’s 853 students (488 girls, 365 boys), as well as teachers and staff. šŸ’§ With this addition, we’ve now reached a total of 37 schools in Iringa under our Water in School Project.

Handwashing may seem like a simple act, but its impact on society is much bigger, particularly in promoting better health and preventing diseases. From combating dirt to waterborne illnesses, clean hands make a huge difference.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the school leadership for their incredible cooperation in making this project a reality. We’re confident that it will bring positive benefits to the entire school community.

Special gratitude goes to the @segalfoundation for their generous support! Together, we’re making a difference. Alongside the handover, we conducted awareness sessions on handwashing hygiene, emphasizing proper handwashing procedures, environmental cleanliness, and the consequences of not using clean water for handwashing. The event was graced by the Ward Executive Officer, Mr. Dafroza Mwakyosa, who expressed sincere gratitude for the program reaching their school. He emphasized the importance of students maintaining this project for long-term use. Previously, the water infrastructure was insufficient, with only one tap station for all students. Now, with this additional tap, more students can wash their hands effectively at all times.

The event was also attended by Salvatory Kiluka, the chairperson of Mazombe village, who was impressed with the project and promised full support in making it sustainable. He also requested Afyaplus to visit Mazombe Primary School and implement a similar project there.

Our main goal with this project is to foster a culture of regular handwashing within the school community, laying the groundwork for a safer and more hygienic environment. By promoting frequent handwashing, we aim to mitigate the risk of illnesses and promote overall health for everyone involved.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to all stakeholders, including our donor Segal Family Foundation, and the school management for making this project a reality. This project is a collaboration between the school and Afyaplus, with contributions from both parties.

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