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Strengthening Bonds with Dignity For Daughters and Lyra in Africa Organizations

In a week filled with inspiration and collaboration, Afyaplus had the honor of hosting distinguished guests from two remarkable organizations: Dignity for Daughters and Lyra in Africa. These visits, on November 7 and November 8, respectively, marked a pivotal moment in our journey to address the challenges faced by girls during their growth, particularly in the realm of menstruation.

November 7: Dignity for daughters Visit Highlights:

Afyaplus warmly welcomed representatives from Dignity for Daughters, a prominent arm of the Dignity for Daughters Organization. Juli Skillman, Karen, and Natahaika Msuya engaged in a rich exchange of knowledge and experiences. The focus was on implementing projects aimed at overcoming the obstacles encountered by girls during their growth, with a special emphasis on menstrual hygiene.

November 8: Lyra in Africa Organization Visit Highlights:

Our second day of insightful visits featured esteemed guests from Lyra in Africa Organization. Led by Maria Spink, the Founder and Executive Director, included Cikay Richards, Sarah Lewis, Clementine Fox, Amelie Klingspar, and Petronia Kimizye. This visit was a testament to our thriving partnership and a valuable opportunity to share insights regarding our recent projects.

During the visit on November 8, we delved into the success of our collaborative projects with Lyra in Africa. The Training Students in Menstrual Hygiene Management and Adolescents’ Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights initiatives was conducted across nine schools in the Iringa region. Over the span of two months (July to August 2023), these projects not only addressed crucial issues but also empowered young individuals academically.

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Afyaplus extends heartfelt gratitude to both Dignity For Daughters and Lyra in Africa for their unwavering support and partnership. Together, we are actively working towards eliminating the challenges faced by girls during their growth, particularly those related to menstruation. This collaborative journey is not just about addressing issues but also empowering these young individuals to reach their full potential.

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